Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That is it

"You'll learn when life is roughest"

For last few weeks, im quite busy but still gt enough time to blog, and now every night i've spend my nights by watching all the dramas, movies that i missed. No mood to blog. In fact, buat masa sekarang malam memang free, no more mengadap paper-paper sampai 3,4 pagi. Tapi tu mungkin untuk minggu ni saja. Bila time office hour, i just concentrating on my proposal writing untuk first assessment, Insyaallah dalam bulan 4 or 5 ni. Also, I am waiting for my next task from my both supervisors, by the meantime malam-malam kita berholiday aje, takyah nk pening-pening kepala lagi, so leisure!

But, i dont know what exactly happened. i just feel like im losing myself, it is hard to understand me either. half of me almost drained, not physically but mentally. Sometimes, i dont wanna talk at all. I keep in silence all over the day, I distanced myself from them, i do things alone. I became selfish, i just think of myself instead persons around me. I ignored them. I found things sometimes annoyed. Im sorry, it is nobody fault but just myself. Maybe it is good if i can be at home now. I made a decision, after Medan trip next week i'll rest for a few days at home. I'll ask for a one week leave from my supervisor, soon Insyaallah. Hope to get approval since I never ask him for a long leave before.

Hope to get 'me' back soon.

My only brother is at Selangor now, Yes i cant stop myself for being worried about him. Dia tak pernah keluar dari Terengganu alone for a long time. He is just 19.


zaki ibrahim said...

just 3 words...sabar..sabar..sabar :) definitely..

cikbelang said...