Thursday, December 27, 2012

Pray for me

Er rasa awkward bila nak tulis blog, macam dah lama sangat tinggal, hihi.

Today's 27th December 2012, next month on this day, i'll turn 25! ohmyyy, how time flies.
Rasa macam sekejap je, habis sekolah menengah, habis matrik, habis degree, sekarang dah nak habis masters, insyaallah few monthss to goo! (pray for me pls)
Alhamdulillah, the thing goes well as it first planned, all praise to Allah. 
Now, im heading to the next phase,
Draft dah submit to both supervisors, 
Now tunggu dorang check untuk buat correction
By the meantime, im enjoying my free time now

I worked hard all over the year
Just to make sure
All the things goes well as it planned
Bukan senang, susah
But i do remember
There is no other way you'll success
without Allah's guidance and help
That is what my supervisor always told me
Have faith on HIM
Do solat hajat every single day
Don't miss the Dhuha
All thanks for my supervisor
Best supervisor ever! hihi
Without his guidance,
Without his advices,
Without him,
i might be terumbang-ambing dibawa arus lautan entah ke mana
HAHA. No, all the credits should goes to my both supervisors
They're brilliant. Lucky to have them as my supervisors. 
Dah macam nak tulis acknowledgement kt thesis je. 

Ok, not to forget my loved ones
Thanks for all the love, supports, spirits, guidance, apaa lagi hihi
Last but not least,